Feb 1, 2012


It’s already February and it is a right time for me to pronounce the winner! And the award for gorgeous January girl goes to…

J      Jannah (6/1/1988)
A      Azma (14/1/1988)
N     ‘n’
U      Ummi (31/1/1988)
A      Armiza (19/1/1989)
R      ‘r’
I       indeed
my very good ©©© friend!

Armiza @ Mija

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Armiza Aris said...

syukran jawahir....I love u^^

Azma said...

trimas jawahir!
i love you :)

Nurul Jawahir Md Ali said...

afwan, your most welcome =)
hope u all like it ^_^
I love u all as u are <3

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